What is ECP Therapy?

ECP Therapy is a new and holistic approach to health and wellness, with endless benefits. These benefits can suit just about anyone, but is especially good for heart disease prevention or as an alternative for those not wanting invasive surgery. We here at ECP Health work with athletes to reduce recovery time, corporate workers to reduce stress, and a wide range of injuries that work in combination with physiotherapy. 

But before we jump into it, what even is ECP Therapy?

ECP stands for External Counterpulsation, often shortened down to ECP. This approach increases oxygen-rich blood throughout the body and helps to release nitric oxide. The release of nitric oxide will provide a relaxing and detoxing impact, allowing your body to release inflammation and stress. On the other hand, increasing the production of oxygen-rich blood will only serve your body better, reducing inflammation and unblocking arteries.

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This oxygen-rich blood flow will help to improve the function of several of your major organs, including your heart, liver, kidneys, and even brain, to the function of your eyes and muscles. It’s also great for your skin, as it boosts vitality and helps reduce cellulite and is linked to reducing ageing! As it’s non-surgical and non-invasive, it can be offered to people who have heart disease or those unwilling to try an alternative to the standard health treatment options.

ECP Therapy improves many cardiac health issues, can improve sports and athlete performance, and is conducive to overall health and wellness. By increasing the blood flow throughout the body, ECP Therapy will help oxygenated blood flow freely from the heart. This process aids circulation and helps your body remove any build up of toxic debris. ECP Therapy does this by aiding the body in the removal of the metabolic and environmental waste toxins and products that are damaging to the cells.

What do I expect from ECP Therapy?

One treatment will usually take about an hour, and can be daily, stretching from five to 12 weeks. You will be lying down on a comfortable table, or lay-down chair, and you will have the pneumatic cuffs fitted to your calves, thighs and buttocks on each leg. These cuffs will inflate and deflate based on your heart rhythm, the electrocardiogram and blood pressure monitors. It might feel like a ‘hug’ on your legs while you experience the ECP Therapy sensation. While your heart is at rest, this process increases the blood flow throughout the body.

ECP Therapy is a low-risk and relaxing treatment, and provides great improvement to nearly every patient that completes the full 35 treatment course. As you progress through the treatment plan, you may get an increase in stamina and energy and overall wellness!

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What can ECP Therapy do for me?

If you’re an athlete or an office worker, ECP Therapy has endless benefits. It can improve cardiovascular fitness and energy levels while reducing fatigue, lactic acid, and recovery time between workouts. Workplaces in this day and age are often high-stress and high-intensity, resulting in the physical body taking the full brunt of these impacts. ECP Therapy can decrease this stress on the body, and in turn maintain the sought after high level of productivity needed. As it improves stress, these treatments can also increase mental alertness and reduce muscle tension, improving posture – which could be especially helpful for those individuals sitting at desks.

Heart disease prevention is top priority of ECP Health. If you’re an individual with a chronic heart disease, or angina, ECP Therapy can reduce your symptoms, increase your energy, and results last for three years or more. It can be a great alternative for you to relieve angina symptoms by producing new blood vessels, providing a natural bypass around your narrowed or blocked arteries.

You should continue your standard and day-to-day activities with ECP Therapy, as it’s designed to help and assist in the holistic and overall well-being. We recommend you chat to your doctor, licensed trainer, or a licensed nutritionist in order to reach a health goal. Alongside ECP Therapy, these will get you to where you need to be.

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I’m interested, what’s next?

Book in a time for a consultation with ECP Health Clinic and have a chat with an ECP Therapy practitioner and find out if ECP Therapy is right for you.

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