ECP Australasia Ltd introduces ECP/EECP Therapy which is a non-invasive, revitalising new way to feel rejuvenated, recovered and refreshed by naturally enhancing circulation throughout the body.

ECP Therapy provides a variety of benefits – it improves a majority of common health & wellness issues, enhances sports performance, aids in recovery and decreases injury rehabilitation time. This is achieved by increasing and enhancing oxygenated blood flow throughout the whole body, while relaxing on a comfortable treatment bed.

Leading ECP/EECP Therapy throughout New Zealand and Australia.

ECP Australasia Ltd was founded in 2015. We are the leading ECP/EECP Therapy Distributor for Australasia and have ECP/EECP wellness clinics throughout.

ECP Australasia Ltd are currently treating and working with various professional sporting franchises, elite high performance athletes, medical centres, physiotherapists, wellness centres, corporations, gym facilities and various other complimentary businesses. This has seen tremendous results, allowing these facilities and athletes to have a leading edge over all competitors.

If you are interested in the benefits of ECP Therapy or just have a few questions, please get in touch.

ECP Australasia offer 3 levels of service.

The benefits of ECP Therapy.

Dr. Robert Prather from the Prather Wellness Center in Indianapolis, USA talks about the benefits of ECP Therapy. The audio below focuses on what Dr. Prather considers to be the #1 treatment for cardiovascular disease.

AUDIO: The Voice of Health Radio – ECP Therapy.